Are you looking for ways to stay in touch with your students and their parents and Staff??

Using SMS2STUDENTyou can keep your students, Parents and your staff updated information . You can keep parents updated about their child’s Activities and School/College Activities.

Why SMS :

Now a Days SMS is Most Useful technology for sharing information ,Keeping touch with parents through SMS is a lot easier than calling them up every day and informing them about the daily activities. Calling them up every day and speaking to them could take up a lot of time and a will also require a lot of extra staff. But with SMS2STUDENT you can save a lot of time and money as you can handle everything by yourself and avoid Depending on others.

NOW You also send BULK SMS To students with your mobile How It Works?

Your phone number will be registered with our website and we will provide you with a number. And if you want send SMS to all students .you will send SMS from your mobile to given number that SMS automatically sent to your students using our software this feature available at any time This is quite beneficial as you won’t need to use a computer or any other type of technology. All you need is a mobile phone

Why Not Other Free SMS Providers??

To day we have a lot of websites providing free SMS Service some of disadvantages of this types of Websites are

  1. These sms are slow in delivery ,No guaranty for Delivery of SMS
  2. Sms will not reach to Do Not Disturb (DND) Numbers now days 40% phone numbers are DND
  3. You need to type separate message for each student Ex: Marks, Fee due,absent information etc.,
  4. Your Student Data is Not secured

WHY SMS 2 Student:

1.Sending SMS from This Website is fast ,Reliable and Secured

2. You can send SMS to DO not disturb (DND) numbers.

3. The software is very easy to use. You can start using it as soon as you receive it. There’s no need to hire someone or learn how to use the software. You can do it all by yourself.

4. All SMS are delivered quickly to the recipient. We promise you that the delivery is guaranteed.

5. Easy to manage. You can have pre selected lists of students to whom you can send the SMS. For e.g. you can have different lists of students belonging to different classes on the database and by using our service you can just send the SMS to students or parents of the students from that specific class. This way you can send different messages to different students.

6. SMS is Automatically formatted to each student with Minimal data entry.

7.Message will sent with your School/College name

8. Your data is More Secured and Confidential

Examples of SMS you can send to your students:

1) DEAR PARENT: Your child Karthik has due amount 1200 please pay on or before 12/05/2012 – Vikas college.

2) DEAR PARENT: Your child Bhavin is absent today – Bachpan School.

3) DEAR PARENT: Your child Srinidhi is paid Amount 1000 and Balance is 5000, thank you for fee payment – Your Schoolname.

4) Your child Bushan Exam: Quarterly marks :Telugu(50/100), English(70/100), Maths(90/100), Physics(80/100), Chemistry(60/100),Total (350/500) – Principal, school.

5) Please pay due fee immediately to attend exams – Principal.

6) School wishes very happy birthday to your child.

7) Your child maths homework is not doing please concentrate – Principal.

8) Tomorrow school/college will be closed due to bandh/festival, reopens on 24/06/2012.

Examples of SMS you can send your staff

1. We have a school staff meeting at the lecture theatre at 5 PM today. Please attend it.

2. The English teacher is absent today. Will you be able to cover the class – if you’re available please respond to this message ASAP.

This way you can send  SMS to all your students and employees.
And Also you can send SMS TO OTHERS by excel sheet with their Phone Numbers
So if you’re keen on taking advantage of the above services, you can get started by visiting our website www.SMS2STUDENT.com  and registering You could also contact us by phone on XXXXXXX or by email on info@needsofttechnologies.com  if you have any other questions.


bulk sms

SMS Types

  • Marks SMS
  • Fee paid SMS
  • Fee due SMS
  • General SMS
  • Homework SMS
  • Holidays SMS
  • Birthday wishes
  • Festival SMS
  • Absent SMS