SMS2STUDENT you can send out SMS to all your students and their parents instantly. Whether its play schools, High schools, Colleges, Engineering colleges, PG colleges, coaching centres, etc. more...


SMS2STUDENT is a website where you will have your student data so whenever you want and whatever message you want to send information through SMS that can be easily done by this service In this website the sms automatically Formatted according to your selection , with one click SMS send to students and its fast and reliable service Its simple and easy to use no training required .


Always USE Genuine & FAST Transactional SMS For Schools& Colleges @ SMS2STUDENT

SMS Types

  • Marks SMS
  • Fee paid SMS
  • Fee due SMS
  • General SMS
  • Homework SMS
  • Holidays SMS
  • Birthday wishes
  • Festival SMS
  • Absent SMS
bulk sms
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